When Cancer Comes Home

Resource guides for children ages 8-12 that provide medical information and support through and beyond their parent's cancer diagnosis. 

Layout, Print, Illustration, Typography
InDesign, Procreate, Illustrator
The Story
Kesem is a national non-profit, student-led organization that provides year-round support and a week-long summer camp for children ages 6-18 who are affected by a parent’s cancer.
Having been a child of a parent with cancer myself, you could imagine the emotion when I discovered Kesem at the UC Organization Fair in 2019. Since that day I have been a camp counselor, unit leader, Volunteer Coordinator, and Make the Magic coordinator for Kesem at the University of Cincinnati.

Gathered resources from the National Cancer Institute, spoke with regional Program Coordinator at Kesem, and met with Maya Silver, co-author of 'My Parent Has Cancer and it Really Sucks'.
Benchmarked graphic systems and illustration styles in books popular amongst children ages 8-12. Found children benefit from characters that are simple in design, full of expression, and oftentimes feature a range of vibrant pastel colors.
Began ideating characters that convey emotions children can relate to. Found simple shapes were most effective and relatable.
Design Criteria
Utilized Gill Sans Book typeface paired with Ruddy Bold display typeface to create friendly typography. A 6"x9" book layout was used to ensure easy holding for children ages 8-12. Characters are implemented to engage the reader and help them better identify common complex emotions they may be facing.
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