HPY WTR is a naturally-flavored canned water created with the happy drinker in mind. Using vivid complementary pallets, bold graphics depicting southern scenes, and inviting language, HPY WTR is designed to take the ease out of the pressure to drink.

Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Layout
Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, FreePik, Unsplash
The Story
HPY WTR sets out to make a beverage for the consumer who loves social environments, but doesn't always love to drink alcohol. 
Inspired by the energy of the Houston Rodeo, HPY WTR uses bright colors and bold country graphics to light up your (non-alcoholic) drinking!
Market Audit
Explore current market for non-alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, hard seltzers, and other similar categories for ages 21+.​​​​​​​
Began ideating brand names that brought the idea of drinking for joy to life in the consumer. Typographic choices were made to accompany a brand name that feels modern and intuitive.
Combine a bold, stylized typographic logo of the brand name with an easily legible secondary font for tagline. Incorporate the use of vibrant complementary colors within each flavor, accompanied by bold gradient graphics.
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