Plus 1
Plus 1 is a title sequence for a fictitious romantic comedy movie about a man finding a last-minute plus one date to a wedding. This piece was created using hand drawn illustrations with motion techniques.

Motion, Illustration, Storytelling
AfterEffects, Procreate, Illustrator
Desired to create a fictitious romantic comedy movie for this title sequence. The storyline created was intended to be a feel-good, upbeat romantic comedy for young adults.
Mood Board 
This mood board was created to explore a cohesive identity for this title sequence. The images include inspiration for style, typography, and color.
Created multiple style frames to test different styles appropriate to the genre and story. Initial storyboards pitched for review and to give context for the style options.
Feature hand-drawn illustrative animations with a playful color palette to capture the fun yet heart-warming romantic comedy the viewer is about to watch. ‘Fun Day’ audio from Ben Sound will add to the fast-paced, lighthearted nature of the story.
Twelve finalized sketches illustrating the flow, composition, and content of the animation.
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