Toss Up
Toss Up is an outdoor social game that allows for multiple players, simple yet fun gameplay, and easy portability. Toss Up is a group design project created alongside Sarah Andrus and Alia Heidorn.

Branding, Research, Product Design, Production
Illustrator, Miro, Procreate, Unsplash
When tasked with designing and building a product to sell to our Cincinnati market in the fall, our minds kept meeting on one particular target - tailgates. Games such as corn hole lead to an easy-going social setting, and we gave ourselves the goal of making that experience more portable, intuitive, and inclusive.
Early Research
Conducted survey with 122 participants to find what works in outdoor games and what doesn't. Held interviews with a range of users to find what would make tailgate games more efficient and cost-effective.
Finding Form
Sketched individual concepts, built low-fidelity models based on design requirements, tested models, and made adjustments based on findings.
Built single 'golden' prototype to work out the best methods for building and improvements for full-batch production.
Tested multiple aesthetics with our target audience to determine most valuable mood for our model. Then ideated game board designs, colors, and type to appeal to our consumer.
Cut, sand, and stain wood, assemble pieces, paint boards, adhere vinyl, and apply metal to create 15 full game sets to be sold.
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